Press releases

 10/02/2016 Delivery of two hotels near the new Velodrome stadium in Marseille
ANF Immobilier has delivered two hotels. The first, a budget hotel operated by the B&B chain with a capacity of 162 rooms, was delivered in December 2015. The other, an AC by Marriott four-star hotel with a capacity of 126 rooms, was delivered in January 2016. The hotels are strategically located just outside the new Velodrome Stadium and will provide attractive hotel offerings for all spectators and participants in the UEFA European soccer championship, Euro 2016, which will take place in France from June 10 through July 10, 2016.
 01/12/2015 ANF Immobilier has concluded the disposal of 13,000 sq. m. in Lyon, primarily occupied by Printemps under very positive conditions
ANF Immobilier announced the sale, on November 30, 2015, of a 13,000 sq. m. Haussmann-style mixed-use building complex located at Place de la République in Lyon. The asset is predominantly in commercial use, with Printemps operating a total surface area of 11,000 sq. m.
 18/11/2015 ANF Immobilier leases all 2,500 sq.m. of commercial space in the former Banque de France headquarters in Lyon to two major retail chains: Nike and Maxibazar.
ANF Immobilier announces that it has fully leased two boutiques created on the ground floor of the historic, former Banque de France headquarters in Lyon, situated on rue de République, to Nike (500 sq.m.) and Maxibazar (2000 sq.m.).
 12/11/2015 The 2015 revenue target is confirmed with 27.5% growth over nine months as rental income is buoyed by planned acquisitions coming on stream
1) Delivery of the largest project of the year, 36,900 sq.m. of office space in the Carré de Soie district of Lyon, generating €6.3 million in additional gross annual rental income from July 1, 2015 2) Revenues were up 27.5% in the first three quarters of 2015: +1.4% on existing properties and +26.1% from acquisitions 3) Commercial real estate now accounts for 82% of ANF Immobilier's rental income, in line with its portfolio rotation strategy
 23/07/2015 Statement of EPRA Net Asset Value attributable to the Group
 21/07/2015 Increase of 21% in income in the 1st half of 2015 - Upward revision of the annual growth target for rental income to 15%
 13/05/2015 Crédit Agricole Group joins forces with ANF Immobilier and DCB International for two major real estate projects in Lyon, France
 07/05/2015 ANF Immobilier: New Governance
Bruno Keller becomes Chairman of the Supervisory Board Renaud Haberkorn becomes Chairman of the Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer
 06/05/2015 Revenue growth of 18% in the 1st quarter of 2015
• Annual rental income growth target of 12% confirmed • 44% of rental income from offices in the 1st quarter of 2015 • Ongoing strategic partnerships with Crédit Agricole Assurances
 13/04/2015 Filing of 2014 Annual Report
 04/03/2015 Stronger-than-expected rental growth and change in governance
■ Rental income of €40.1 million, up 15%, exceeding objectives ■ Improved current cash flow of €14.8 million, or €0.82 per share ■ EPRA NAV at €29.7 per share ■ Real estate assets now above the one billion euro mark at €1.1 billion ■ Secure investment program of €462 million ■ Proposed dividend of €1.10 per share, up 5% ■ Change in Governance: Renaud Haberkorn is appointed Chairman of the Executive Board/CEO (effective as of the Shareholders’ Meeting of May 6, 2015).
 13/11/2014 2014 full-year target confirmed with 12% growth in rental income, buoyed by a high quality acquisitions pipeline and a committed partnership strategy
• New investments currently stand at €313 million, or 130% of the €240 million investment program originally planned • At the end of September, a strategic partnership was entered into with a high-profile expert real estate operator: Crédit Agricole Assurances • Revenues were up 12% in the first three quarters of 2014: +6% on existing properties and +6% from acquisitions
 13/11/2014 Renaud Haberkorn appointed Chief Operating Officer of ANF Immobilier
At its meeting on November 12, 2014, the Supervisory Board appointed Renaud Haberkorn as Chief Operating Officer and member of the Executive Board of ANF Immobilier.
 16/10/2014 ANF Immobilier, Crédit Agricole Assurances and DCB International announce the acquisition of 40,000 sq.m. of office space in Lyon from Aerium
 29/09/2014 Chief Operating Officer - HR
 27/08/2014 2014 Half-Year Financial Report available
 21/07/2014 Presentation First Half 2014 Results
 07/07/2014 ANF Immobilier has the resources to implement its strategy - €400M in financing from four partner banks: Natixis, BECM, BNPP and CACIB
• The new financing structure is a seven-year flexible mortgage • €340M used to refinance the three main lines of credit • €60M available to meet development needs
 06/05/2014 Growth of +13.4% in ANF Immobilier's Q1 2014 built on solid fundamentals
Growth of +13.4% in ANF Immobilier's Q1 2014 built on solid fundamentals • Revenues: +9% on the existing portfolio and +4% generated by acquisitions • A €240 million pipeline in new investments, 83% of which are located in Lyon and Bordeaux • Construction of the new office headquarters for the Adecco France Group in the Carré de Soie district (Lyon) and the restructuring of the former headquarters located opposite the Tête d'Or Park, representing a future total combined surface of 39,000 sq.m.
 14/04/2014 Filling of 2013 Annual Report
 19/02/2014 ANF Immobilier, in partnership with DCB International, undertake two major property development investments in Lyon eventually amounting to 39,000 square metres of office space.
ANF Immobilier, in partnership with DCB International, undertake two major property development investments in Lyon eventually amounting to 39,000 square metres of office space. Development of the new Adecco France Group head office in the Carré de Soie district and restructuring of the former head office opposite the Tête d’Or park.
 14/02/2014 Presentation Results 2013 - SFAF
 13/02/2014 2013, a year of robust growth for ANF Immobilier
2013, a year of robust growth for ANF Immobilier - Growth in rental income of +14% at constant scope, i.e. €34.9 million - Improvement of +17% in pro forma current cash flow - Increase of +6.7% in the EPRA NAV to €31.60 per share, excluding dividend - Properties approaching €1 billion, i.e. a +10% increase o Delivery of 26,000 sqm in Marseille o Launch of 44,000 sqm of development projects in Lyon and Bordeaux - Proposed dividend of €1.05 per share, up +5%
 07/11/2013 ANF Immobilier achieves new revenue growth in Q3 2013: 9-month revenues rise 17.6%
ANF Immobilier achieves new revenue growth in Q3 2013: 9-month revenues rise 17.6% • 10% stems from the increase in rental income from existing properties and 8% from rental income generated by acquisitions • A €240 million pipeline of new investments mainly located in Lyon and Bordeaux, 73% of which have been identified and secured • Refocusing on city-center commercial leases, which represent 76% of revenues at end-September 2013
 28/08/2013 2013 Half-year Results
Strong increase of performance indicators Solid assets and balance sheet Increase in investments Targets confirmed
 13/06/2013 ANF Immobilier se renforce à Bordeaux dans le quartier des Bassins à Flot
La construction de l’immeuble La Fabrique (3 700 m²) débutera en juillet 2013 pour une livraison fin 2014. Le Nautilus sera occupé en totalité par le distributeur Cdiscount et la banque Casino qui viennent de s’engager sur le solde de la 2ème tranche.
 05/06/2013 Accélération des investissements : ANF Immobilier co-investit 100 M€ en partenariat avec la CERA et DCB International pour le site d’Alstom Transport au Carré de Soie (Grand Lyon)
ANF Immobilier investit aux côtés de la Caisse d’Epargne Rhône Alpes (CERA), 1ère banque régionale des professionnels de l’immobilier et DCB International - à hauteur respectivement de 65 %, 30 % et 5 % - afin de réaliser un ensemble immobilier pour les activités électroniques d’Alstom Transport. Porté depuis 2009 par DCB International, ce programme constitue l’un des projets phares de l’immobilier tertiaire en France et un investissement d’une valeur de 100 M€, financé à 60 % par un crédit de long terme, avec le Crédit Foncier de France comme chef de file.
 30/05/2013 ANF Immobilier loue à l'UGAP 1 200 m² de l’immeuble de bureaux MilkyWay, dans le nouveau quartier de Lyon Confluence
L’Union des groupements d’achats publics (UGAP) devient le premier locataire d’ANF Immobilier dans l’immeuble de bureaux MilkyWay, situé 42 Cours Suchet à Lyon (2ème arrondissement) véritable vitrine du nouveau quartier de la Confluence, à proximité immédiate de la Gare TGV Perrache et des axes autoroutiers. Le MilkyWay offre au total une surface utile totale de 4 316 m² et 120 places de parking.
 06/05/2013 First Quarter 2013 Revenues: €8.6 million, +7% on a like-for-like basis
ANF Immobilier Q1 2013 revenue amounted to €8.6 million. As of March 31, 2012, pro forma revenue, adjusted for the disposals in Lyons and the sale of B&B hotel buildings in November 2012, totaled €7.6 million. On a like-for-like basis – adjusted for 2012 sales, rents increased by 7%.
 16/04/2013 Filling of "Document de Référence 2012"
 19/03/2013 Trois investissements
Trois investissements s’inscrivant dans la nouvelle stratégie de croissance d’ANF Immobilier
 19/03/2013 2012 Results
 12/12/2012 Milkyway: DCB International et ANF Immobilier réalisent une opération exemplaire d'éco-rénovation urbaine à Lyon
80% des matériaux issus de la déconstruction du bâtiment ont été recyclés ou valorisés Le groupe lyonnais de promotion immobilière DCB International, spécialisé dans l'immobilier tertiaire haut de gamme, et ANF Immobilier, foncière des centre-villes de métropoles régionales, réalisent, sur le chantier de l'immeuble Milkyway, à Lyon (2e), une réhabilitation lourde exemplaire: 80% des matériaux issus de la phase de déconstruction du bâtiment ont pu être recyclés ou valorisés.
 21/11/2012 Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting dated November 21st, 2012
 21/11/2012 Suplemental informations on ANF Immobilier
 15/11/2012 Public share buyback offer
 15/11/2012 Completion of the disposal of part of Lyon’s portfolio
ANF Immobilier announces having completed today the disposal of part of its Lyon’s portfolio to funds managed by Grosvenor for a global net seller price of 309.6 million euros.
 14/11/2012 Availability of the information memorandum relating to the public share buyback offer
Offer price : 31.10 euros per share Number of shares concerned : 10,044,224 actions
 13/11/2012 Completion of the B&B portfolio disposal
 09/11/2012 Revenues for the 3rd Quarter 2012
€57.2 million Up 5% on a like-for-like basis
 31/10/2012 Projet de note d'information
 31/10/2012 Dépôt d'un projet d’Offre Publique de Rachat (OPRA)
Communiqué de presse d'ANF Immobilier relatif au dépôt d’un projet d’Offre Publique de Rachat (OPRA) initiée par ANF Immobilier sur ses propres titres.
 15/10/2012 Arbitrage
Finalisation of the negotiation for the disposal of B&B’s portfolio and part of Lyon’s portfolio
 29/08/2012 First Half 2012 Results
Exclusive negotiation in order to dispose a share of Lyon assets Negotiations continue in order to dispose B&B Hotels properties 2012 first half results - 6% rise in like-for-like rental income; 8% rise in city-center rental income - NAV of €41.2 per share - Loan-To-Value ratio of 32% - Cash at €15 million at end-August
 20/06/2012 Discussions exclusives pour la cession d'hôtels
ANF Immobilier entre en discussions exclusives avec Foncière des Murs et La Française REM pour céder un portefeuille d’hôtels sous enseigne B&B
 10/05/2012 Revenues 1st Quarter 2012
 12/04/2012 2011 Annual Report
 12/03/2012 ANF Immobilier added to the Epra Index
 17/02/2012 2011 Results
* Operating income up sharply - Rental income up by 21% (+12% on a like-for-like basis) - Cash-flow up 33% - NAV rise to €42.2 per share * New acquisitions in Lyon and Bordeaux and further divestments * Solid financing capacity - 29% gearing and €164M in available credit lines - Proposed dividend: €1.69 per share, +10% * 2016 rent guidance raised to more than €120M
 16/02/2012 Compensation to corporate officer *
 22/12/2011 First investment in Bordeaux
ANF Immobilier acquiert auprès d'Eiffage Immobilier 13 000 m² de bureaux à Bordeaux
 30/11/2011 Acquisition in Lyon
 10/11/2011 Revenues 3rd Quarrter 2011
Rents Up + 26% at September 2011 End – Annual Growth Above Guidance Strong Business Activity at 3rd Quarter Financial Structure Enhanced– €164 million Credits Available Rental Income Target Confirmed for Next 3-4 Years
 31/08/2011 First Half 2011 Results
Rents up 33%, +12% on a like-for-like basis, ahead of forecasts 15% increase in recurring cash flow EPRA NAV = €40.5 per share Debt ratio of 30% - cash flow at €70 million at end-August Rental income target confirmed for next 3-4 years
 21/06/2011 ANF Immobilier installed the first “Casino Shopping” concept in Marseille
 06/06/2011 Renewal Rent of the Printemps Department Store in Lyon
In the process of the renewal rent for ANF Immobilier areas let to SAS Printemps in Lyon, Lyon Civil Court (Tribunal de Grande Instance) gave a first ruling. Main facts of the ruling are: • Renewal rent is 2,135,650 € vs. 402,197 € today; • Renewal rent is set as of June 25th 2006; • The amount will be adjusted of interest of arrears over the period; • Court makes the judgment enforceable.
 10/05/2011 First Quarter 2011 Revenues
1st Quarter 2011 Revenue= 18.4 million Euros, +15% on a like-for-like basis
 25/03/2011 2010 Results
City-centre rental income: up 12% in 2010 and expected to rise 15% in 2011 on a like-for-like basis Increase of 9% in recurring cash-flow in 2010 Distribution up 13%: dividend of €1.54 per share Increase in stock liquidity with a distribution to Eurazeo shareholders of 8% of ANF Immobilier capital
 09/02/2011 2010 Revenues
2010 revenues: organic growth of more than 12% in the Haussmann assets Appraised values up 7% in 2010 on a like-for-like basis Net Asset Value of €40.3 per share
 10/11/2010 Third Quarter 2010 Revenues
Revenues on the rise and 2010 rental income targets confirmed Intensification of the asset rotation program Fall in historical vacancy rates in residential properties in Marseille
 31/08/2010 First half 2010 results: Follow-on strong growth in rents and cash flow
 13/08/2010 Revenues for 1st Half 2010
First Half Revenues 2010: 34.0 million Euros City-center rents increased by 10.5% on a like-for-like basis Annual rents increase of 10% Guidance confirmed (like-for-like basis)
 18/05/2010 Voting Results of the Shareholders' Meeting May 6, 2010*
 07/05/2010 Revenues for 1st Quarter 2010
 22/03/2010 2009 Results
 09/02/2010 Revenues growth and increase in NAV
Continued growth in rental income +10% in 2009 on a like-for-like basis +49% since 2005 over Haussmann portfolio Objective 2010: +10% rental income on a like-for-like basis Increase of appraisal by 2% at 2nd half like-for-like Debt Ratio at 28% as of December 2009 Net Asset Value at 39,7 € per share
 13/11/2009 Q3 2009 Revenues
 28/08/2009 First Half 2009 Results
Rents +13% Operating cash flow +26%
 13/08/2009 First half 2009 revenues
First half 2009 revenues 2009 : 32.3 millions euros, Rents increased by 15% on the city-center portfolio Fixed rents from B&B rose by 11% (indexation)
 25/06/2009 Stock Dividend*
 03/06/2009 Voting results of the Shareholders' Meeting May 28, 2009*
 29/05/2009 ANF dividend 2008 *
 29/05/2009 Result of the Shareholders' Meeting of May 28, 2009 *
 13/05/2009 1st Quarter 2009 Revenus
 30/04/2009 Annual Report 2008 *
 20/04/2009 Shareholders' Meeting Notice
 30/03/2009 Growth in 2008 rental income and a sound financial structure
Annual results 2008
 12/02/2009 Continued growth in rental income
4th quarter 2008 + 34% Full Year rents 2008: + 17% pro forma
 12/11/2008 Strong growth in revenues at Q3
+18% at end September 2008 at constant consolidation scope
 28/08/2008 First-half 2008 results
Continuing growth of the city centre portfolio and gain following the purchase of B&B premises
 13/08/2008 First Half 2008 Consolidated Revenues: 28,6 millions euros
Increase by 16% on the historical portfolio
 15/05/2008 2008 1st Quarter Revenues
ANF’s 1st quarter 2008 revenues rose to €14.1 million, an increase of 124.3% compared to the €6.3 million seen in the 1st quarter of 2007.
 27/03/2008 An expanding real estate company
2007 Full year results Increase in rent: +7.4% (at constant scope) Increase in dividend: +8.3% and one bonus share for every 20 shares held Increase in appraisal: +40% (excluding B&B hotels properties)
 04/02/2008 2007 Revenues and 2007 estimated NAV
2007 Revenues: €30.2 million, 2007 estimated NAV €46.00 to €46.50 per share
 28/01/2008 ANF continues to develop with a 40% increase in its portfolio value
Appraisal value as of December 31'2007
 31/10/2007 Completion the €471m acquisition of 159 B&B hotel premises
 25/10/2007 Success of ANF’s capital increase
 21/03/2006 Value of assets increase by 20 per cent
 06/07/2005 Sale of ANF shares (press release in french only)