Human Resources

Informing and Awareness Building

In addition to the annual seminar and training-action through our headline action plans, employees also received a dedicated quarterly newsletter informing them specifically about sustainable development news in the real estate sector.

Short and inspiring articles cover themes such as regulatory developments, emerging concepts in sustainable building and CSR best practices for companies in all sectors.


ANF Immobilier applies a sector agreement since 2009 to promote the employment of older people.

A specific action plan related to a parity agreement is currently being drawn up.


ANF Immobilier made the decision to offer profit-sharing to its employees.

A profit-sharing agreement, which was renewed for the period 2011 to 2013, gives all personnel who have been with the Company for at least three months a share in its profits.


The Company has set up a company savings plan (PEE), a time savings account (CET) and a Group pension plan (PERCO) enabling its employees to build up savings.