Sustainable development

ANF Immobilier's commitment

A real estate investment company specializing in city centers, ANF Immobilier has a corporate strategy that focuses on sustainable development in its management, renovation and new construction activities. Accordingly, it supports its employees in adapting to change, raises awareness among its tenants and stakeholders and strengthens governance.

ANF Immobilier is subject to a requirement for social and environmental reporting in accordance with Article 225 of the Grenelle II law of July 2010 as amended by the Warsmann 4 law of March 2012, which amends as from the fi scal year 2012 Article L 225-102-1 of the French Commercial Code as established by Article 116 of the New Economic Regulations 2001 and Article R 225-105 as resulted from Decree 2012-557 of April 24, 2012.

Management's message

ANF Immobilier has a strong expertise in urban development projects. This expertise covers not only the renovation of existing properties but also the development of wastelands. We believe in the attractiveness of the cities and this is the reason why we are now seeking to accelerate our investments in large metropolis of regional importance such as, in particular, Lyon, Marseille and Bordeaux. We aim to place urban diversity at the heart of our projects because it is the key to the success of urban renewal. City living, city life means living there, going to work there, going shopping there, walking around the city, etc.

Sustainable development