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Sustainable development

ANF Immobilier’s commitment to sustainable development

Integration of environmental concerns − control of energy consumption, improvement of comfort and health targets − and acknowledgment of regulatory and market trends − RT 2012, green leases, high environmental quality (HQE) certification for its new projects − have now became essential prerequisites in the French real estate sector.

ANF Immobilier is a long-standing real estate investment company, with most of its property assets located in city centers. The Company’s corporate strategy focuses on sustainable development in its activities related not only to management and renovation, but also to new construction.

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of ANF Immobilier’s principles of development in the long term. By developing its business projects around the CSR strategy, ANF Immobilier supports its employees in adapting to change, raises awareness among its tenants and stakeholders and strengthens governance. Corporate environmental and governance reporting introduced in 2011 is a new tool for controlling the performance of sustainable development and monitors the actions implemented by ANF Immobilier.

Management’s message

“ANF Immobilier has acquired real expertise in the development of operations in the urban environment. This expertise is based not only on the renovation of existing properties but also on the urban policy- oriented development of wastelands. We believe that cities have great powers of attraction, which is why we now seek to increase our investments there, especially in major regional cities.

Our projects always focus on the promotion of mixed urban development. ANF Immobilier believes that the successful development of a city project should always provide people with an opportunity to live, work and buy in one place.”