ANF Immobilier: Player in the Development of Large Regional Cities

ANF Immobilier is a French listed real estate investment company which owns a diversified portfolio of French retail, office, hotel and residential property worth €1004 million. It specializes in existing and new city centers of large French metropolitan areas and currently has a presence in Lyon, Marseille and Bordeaux.

As of December 31, 2013, ANF Immobilier’s portfolio totals 375,000 sq.m., including 276,000 sq.m. of built assets and 99,000 sq.m. of projects under development. Marseille accounts for 73% of the portfolio (with 29,000 sq.m. of projects), Lyon for 17% (with 62,000 sq.m. of projects) and Bordeaux for 5% (with 9,000 sq.m. of projects). ANF Immobilier also owns nine hotels in France, representing 5% of the properties (19,000 sq.m.).

The portfolio's rental income came 41% from retail, 25% from offi ces, 21% from residential and 9% from hotel properties. The remainder derived from car parks or other properties.

The prime locations in existing and new city centers, with predominantly retail leases in three high-growth metropolitan areas, combined with a high lessee granularity make ANF Immobilier's revenues particularly resistant and resilient to a rapidly changing economic environment.

ANF Immobilier has demonstrated regional expertise and established itself as a key real estate investor and developer specialized in large metropolitan areas.


Wednesday 4 March 2015 at 11:30 am

2014 Results Presentation


Centre de Conférences Capital 8 (Auditorium) - 32 rue de Monceau - Paris 8°

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