ANF Immobilier is a French listed real estate investment company which owns a diversified portfolio of French retail, office, hotel and residential property worth €1 107 million. It specializes in existing and new city centers of large French metropolitan areas and currently has a presence in Lyon, Marseille and Bordeaux.

A real estate company specialising in existing and new city centres, ANF Immobilier is establishing itself in the most dynamic regional cities. Its visionary philosophy is particularly evident in its skill at identifying city centre areas with the potential for iconic status, destined to become the cities of the future. Its property portfolio comprises retail, offices, hotels and housing and is valued at a total of €1.1 billion in France.

Building on its successful performance in 2013 and 2014, ANF Immobilier is accelerating its transformation, gaining in both size and strength and looking to the future with one firm goal: value creation. This transformation draws on the skills and expertise of the ANF Immobilier teams, with the support of a diverse and loyal shareholding structure. Underpinned by a growth plan valued at in excess of €460 million, ANF Immobilier is on the way to becoming a benchmark player in the commercial real estate sector in Lyon, Bordeaux and Marseille.

As a December 31, 2014, the portfolio’s gross rental income amounted to €40.1 million, 34% of which comes from office leases, 31% from retail, 18% from residential, 13% from hotels.

ANF Immobilier’s portfolio totals 390,000 sqm., including 264,000 sqm. of built assets and 126,000 sqm. of projects under development. Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux respectively account for 56%, 28% and 4% of surface areas. ANF Immobilier also owns hotels in France, representing 12% of the properties (44,000 sqm.).

The prime locations in existing and new city centers, with predominantly retail leases in three high-growth metropolitan areas, combined with a high lessee granularity make ANF Immobilier’s revenues particularly resistant and resilient to a rapidly changing economic environment.

Listed on Euronext Paris Market (Compartment B, ISIN FR0000063091), ANF Immobilier opted for the SIIC (listed real estate investment companies – SIIC) tax status in 2006. Eurazeo, which at the date of the Registration Document held 49.7% of capital, acts as a reference shareholder and guarantees the stability of the Company’s shareholding structure.

ANF Immobilier has been listed on the EPRA index since March 2012. The EPRA index represents the largest European real estate companies and is the benchmark index for the real estate sector.