Appointed for four years, the Executive Board defines management policy, runs the Company
on a day to day basis, and keeps operations running smoothly:
Emmanuelle Baboulin, Chief Executive Officer, and Ghislaine Seguin,
Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

Emmanuelle Baboulin


Mrs. Emmanuelle Baboulin was appointed as member and Chair of the executive board. Mrs. Baboulin is a graduate of the École supérieure des travaux publics. She began her career in 1986 at Bateg, part of the SGE Group, as a commercial engineer. In 1990, she joined Sorif, a subsidiary of the Vinci group, as programme manager and director. In 2004, she became Head of the Office department and member of the Vinci Immobilier management board. She joined Icade in 2008 as Head of Commercial Promotion for Île-de-France, and member of the management board for Icade's Development division. Since 1 September 2015, Emmanuelle Baboulin has been serving as a member of Icade's executive committee, head of the Commercial Property Investment Division. She is also vice-chair of the Club de l'Immobilier.

Ghislaine Seguin

Deputy CEO

She began her career in 1989 in real estate development subsequently joining AGF Immobilier, where she spent 13 years as head of Investments and then head of Arbitration and Investments. In 2008, she took on the position of Real Estate Director and became a member of the Executive Board, before accepting the responsibilities of Deputy CEO in June 2015.

The Supervisory Board

Its role is to supervise and direct the management policies implemented
by the Executive Board and to appoint its members.

The supervisory board currently includes the following members:
- Mr. Olivier Wigniolle, Chairman of the supervisory board;
- Mrs. Victoire Aubry, member of the supervisory board;
- Mrs. Nathalie Braud, member of the supervisory board;
- Mr. Jean-Philippe Carrascosa, member of the supervisory board;
- Mr. Antoine de Chabannes, member of the supervisory board;
- Mr. Sébastien Didier, member of the supervisory board;
- Mr. Alain Lemaire, independent member of the supervisory board;
- Mr. Sébastien Pezet, independent member of the supervisory board;
- Mrs. Sabine Roux de Bézieux, independent member of the supervisory board;
- Mrs. Isabelle Xoual, independent member of the supervisory board.

The teams

  • Laurent Milleron

    Director of Corporate Development and Communication

    Notching up 14 years of experience in investment management at Proudreed, a British real estate company, and transaction auditing and consulting at Ernst & Young, he joined the Company in 2013.

  • Sébastien Guezet

    Director of Financial Management

    With 14 years of diverse experience working with major names in the real estate investment trust sector (Bouygues Immobilier, Pierre et Vacances and Bouwfonds Marignan), he joined the team at ANF Immobilier in 2013.

  • Laurence Perez

    Corporate Legal Officer

    Hired in 2014, she has 16 years of experience in high-profile companies such as Société Générale, Gecina and Canal +.

  • Laura Péral

    Head of Asset Management

    After four years at ING Real Estate Development as program manager on commercial projects, she joined ANF Immobilier in 2008 to take on the role of Head of Asset Management. In 2015, she was appointed Head of CSR.

  • Cyrille Beignon

    Head of Marketing

    He joined ANF Immobilier in 2007 as a legal officer in charge of negotiating and drafting commercial leases, after 5 years of experience with an estate administration firm. He is now responsible for marketing office and retail properties in Marseille.

  • Thierry d’Amore

    Regional Director, Marseille/Bordeaux

    He joined the Company in 2000 after four years as a works engineer with a major French civil engineering company.

  • Olivier Michot

    Regional Director, Lyon

    He was hired by the Company in 2007 as project leader for Construction and Works, after starting his career in financial auditing and then working with a major French civil engineering firm.

The committees

There are three committees reporting to the Supervisory Board
and three other Operational committees.

  • The Audit Committee

    Its main role is to examine the Company's financial statements before they are submitted to the Supervisory Board. Consulted for the choice of Auditors, it approves their work, ensures that accounting rules are applied within the Company and may request an internal or external audit.

  • The Compensation and Appointments Committee

    This committee’s main role is to submit proposals to the Supervisory Board as to the compensation of its President, Vice-President and members of the Executive Board. It also formulates and submits recommendations for appointing, renewing, or removing members of the Supervisory Board and Executive Board.

  • The Properties Committee

    Its role is to review and issue an opinion on any and all contemplated transactions, corporate acts, or proposals to the Shareholders’ Meeting which require prior approval from the Supervisory Board.

  • The Real Estate Committee

    Comprising members of the Executive Board and ANF Immobilier executives, it adjusts policy that is then implemented by the real estate team. It also examines reports prepared by the Accounting and Finance departments with a view to identifying any deviation from the budget.

  • The Strategy Committee

    Since 2008, ANF Immobilier’s key executives have met at least once a month to examine the reports prepared by the Accounting and Finance offices and the operations of the Company's various departments.

  • The Executive Committee

    This committee comprises the members of the Executive Board, the Director of Financial Management, the Corporate Legal Officer and the Director of Financial Structuring and Communication.

  • CSR Committee

    The objective of this Committee is to define the short- and long-term sustainable development policy as well as the related corporate and environmental objectives. In liaison with the Executive Committee, the CSR Committee oversees the inclusion of CSR commitments in the ANF Immobilier portfolio strategy.

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