A fully secured pipeline

ANF Immobilier intends to move from a mixed portfolio of Haussmann-style heritage
properties to a new commercial portfolio. To do so, in 2013 it embarked upon a range of
new acquisitions and iconic property developments. This “pipeline”, founded for 80% on
pre-lease agreements and solid partnerships, is both secured and premium.

Growth fostered by major investments

With investments of nearly €500 million, the Company has been focusing its growth on large-scale operations
since 2013: acquisition of regional headquarters, development of new property complexes in promising districts
such as Carré de Soie in Lyon, Euratlantique in Bordeaux and Vélodrome in Marseille. At end-2015,
future investment flows represented €183 million, of which €112 million in Group share, and should generate
€13-15 million in additional consolidated rental income. This will see the Company double
its rental income by 2017-2019.


Strategic refocusing

The Company is demonstrating its intention to rebalance its portfolio through regional distribution and
a review of asset typology. For instance, ANF Immobilier has become established in new districts in Bordeaux
and Lyon.  At the same time, it has stepped up its commercial property policy by favoring the acquisition
of office space.  Commercial real estate accounted for 70% of the Company’s rental income in 2012.
This percentage is  set to reach almost 90% by 2017-2019.


Distribution of investments by Geographical area and Typology
€188M distribution: 55% Bordeaux 30% Lyon 15% Marseille, 80% Offices, 10% Retail premises and 10% Hotels

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